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      Our large database of over 160,000 credit and financial consultants – bend over backwards to ensure you get the best debt relief services – and ultimately become debt free

      The Right Debt Solution Requires Professional Help.

      Many consumers in today’s market are struggling to eliminate enormous amounts of debt. From credit card debt to student loan debt to auto debt. The list goes on.

      People in debt struggle to keep their heads above water. They often suffer from various stress-related conditions. Depression and anxiety are very common, among others.

      Credit-Yogi has the resources to create the perfect solution for your personal finance.

      At Credit Yogi we provide free financial consultations. These consultations are required to understand your individual needs and work with you toward a solution.

      We also provide information on money management and debt management plans. This is to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

      You have access to articles and other resources. These materials give you financial education. They teach you how to secure a stable financial future. You also learn how to set up an emergency fund.

      Our professionals give free credit reports and work with you to assess the situation. They help you determine a viable debt relief solution for your individual circumstances.

      Debt Relief Services

      Credit Yogi Provides

      Consolidation plans to pay off your credit cards and loans.  A detailed debt management plan to pay off your debt.

      Debt consolidation

      Get personal loans and other loans that combine all your debt into a single payment

      Debt Settlement

      Work with creditors to reduce the amount of your debt and lower your interest rate.

      Credit Counseling

      Work with a credit counselor to develop the best debt relief plan for paying off your debt.

      Loan Foreclosure

      Reclaim your property on which the lender holds a security interest.

      Bankruptcy Solution

      Choose the bankruptcy chapter that is best for your situation - and get your debt

      Credit Repair Services

      Correct errors on your credit report - and negotiate with creditors to reduce loan balances and interest rates.

      Stopping Repossession

      Get expert help on how to stop repossession of your home or car - if you are behind on your monthly payment.

      Auto debt Solution

      Choose the best way to pay off your automobile loan

      Tax debt services

      Resolve any type of tax debt you have incurred to avoid penalties.

      Why Choose Credit Yogi?

      Featured Testimonial

      Our mission at is to work with consumers suffering from an overload of debt to help them develop a personalized plan for repaying debt.

      Get real-time professional advice here on how to pay off debt faster.

      Check out our About Us page to see where we came from and how we got here. Growing from a small seed we have been working very hard to provide the most relevant and trust worthy information to our visitors.

      Information and consultations are given freely without obligation so you can easily and quickly connect to a real person.

      Paul T

      I saved over $370 a month and paid off my car. What a difference.

      K Jackson

      You were extremely up to date on the current foreclosure programs available to me...I had truly given up hope, but you really came through


      anyone can buy a copy of their credit report but to look at it in depth with a paralegal was quite informative.

      Silvia D

      The free initial interview with my attorney helped to put my back on track.

      Mike from Massachusetts

      I was literally on the phone within 5 minutes -going over intricate details on my credit report with a paralegal. Pretty impressive.

      What Will You Get?

      Talk to 4 Competing Experts.

      Consult with 4 Independent Professionals. Compare options and verify the validity of other programs. This is the fastest and easiest way to achieve substantial results.

      Reliable Relief Services.

      You can rely on Credit Yogi to help you get back on track financially. We ensure you get help with money management. You are put on the path of becoming completely debt free.

      Personalized Debt relief program.

      You get the debt management plan that suits your unique situation. The debt relief program is tailored to you.

      Top notch Security & Ethical Guidelines.

      Your information is safe with us. You are protected from identity theft. We will never connect you with a program that is considered predatory or unfriendly.

      Choose your own option.

      The final decision is up to you. We only provide information on all options available.

      24/7 live agent phone support.

      You get 4 free consultations. These consultations help to guide you to the right decision. Afterwards, our toll free number is always available for additional support or other resources.

      For More details Visit Our YouTube Channel.


      It is possible you will see a decline in your credit score at first.

      However, the process of combining several debts into a new loan will most likely raise your credit score over the long term. This happens if you actually use the funds to pay off those debts promptly.

      Adding to an existing debt load, negatively impacts credit scores.

      With debt management programs, the consumer works with a nonprofit credit counseling agency. Together, they develop a repayment plan that is affordable.

      The credit counselor intercedes on behalf of the consumer. This often involves either a reduction in the interest rate or a settlement.

      Credit Yogi helps you get a debt management plan tailored to your unique situation. In time, your debt is completely eliminated.

      You can obtain a mortgage after you complete the debt management plan. However, depending on your unique situation, you could be denied while you are still making payments.

      There may still be some restrictions, after completing the plan. There are many factors including debt to income ratio and your current credit score.

      The more time passes after you complete the plan, it becomes easier to get a mortgage with favorable terms.

      Yes, credit repair companies are real. They help you repair your credit. They offer credit repair services to people who can’t do it themselves.

      Some of the things a credit repair company can do for you include:

      • Review the accuracy of your credit report.

      • Dispute any inaccurate information on your behalf

      • Follow up to ensure the removal of inaccurate information

      Debt consolidation can lower your monthly payments. However, it is best to consolidate if your income can support the new monthly fee.

      You should not consolidate if you are not able to meet your monthly debt payments.

      Ready to eliminate all your debt and become debt free?

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