Voluntary Car Repossession

Why Would Someone Voluntarily Get Their Car Repossessed? There are a number of reasons an individual might voluntarily agree to have their car repossessed. It costs the creditor a great deal of money when they have to look for the car, so when a debtor agrees to voluntarily surrender it, the creditor may look upon […]

How Can I Erase Repossession Automobile Debt?

Girl Thinking How Can I Erase Repossession Automobile Debt?

How Can I Erase Repossession Automobile Debt? Repossession is an extremely negative mark on your credit. No matter what the circumstances that led to repossession, you now have to face the fact it is on your credit report and will prevent you from obtaining new credit and maybe even a new job if the potential […]

Repossession Laws By State

How does your state handle auto repossession? Click on your state in the table below to see the repossession laws in that state. The government website displaying the law will open in a new tab. If you are facing repossession and would like to have an attorney file and automatic stay to stop a repossession […]