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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Is an attorney required to file for business bankruptcy - Credit Yogi

[display_posts] Does My Business Need to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to File for Chapter 11? Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy Attorney Requirements Why do you really WANT a chapter eleven bankruptcy attorney for your business? Getting the results you want … As the owner or primary owner, you want the best possible outcome for your business from bankruptcy. This […]

Prepackaged Chapter 11 Timeline

Printable Timeline - Prepackaged Chapter 11 Timeline

[display_posts] Click here to View a Printable Chapter 11 Pre-Packaged Small Business Case TimeLine Downloadable Chapter 11 Timeline for a Pre-Packaged, Small Business Case Chapter 11 small business bankruptcy cases can be submitted on a pre-packaged basis. This means the initial bankruptcy petition (filed with the court), is accompanied by the plan of reorganization and […]

Business Restructuring and Bankruptcy Case Study

Business Restructuring and Bankruptcy Case Study

[display_posts] Case Study Willow Lighting & Electrical Supply Company Please note that all names used in this case study are fictional and do NOT in any way, represent any living or deceased person, or any existing or terminated business entity. Eight years ago, Wendy and Ollie formed an LLC to open their designer lighting retail […]

Filing Bankruptcy The Good And The Bad

Couple filling bankruptcy

[display_posts] Making the decision to file bankruptcy should not be taken lightly. While it may seem like the perfect solution for wiping out your debt, you will face consequences. Your credit score will decrease and your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for ten years when you file Chapter 7, and seven years when you file Chapter 13. […]

How Do I Read And Understand My Credit Report

Credit Report

[display_posts] All credit reports are broken down into several sections. These include personal information, employer history, personal statement, account information, public records, and credit inquiries. Consumers should educate themselves to be able to understand the information found in their credit report before attempting to obtain one. Before applying for credit of any kind, it helps to understand […]

Bank Refuses to Repossess Defaulted Car Loan

Bank Refuses to Repossess Defaulted Car Loan

[display_posts] I Defaulted on my Car Loan but the Bank Won’t Take the Car Back. What can you do if you default on your car loan and can’t catch up? By voluntarily surrendering the vehicle to the title holder, you may avoid an even worse situation. The lender repossesses the car and resells it, possibly […]

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