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Fast Relief From Debt Collectors the Automatic Stay

Couple filling bankruptcy

[display_posts] What is the Automatic Stay The automatic stay protects a debtor who files for bankruptcy from further collections efforts by creditors. Once the creditor has received notification the debtor has filed bankruptcy, all collection activity must cease including pending foreclosure, repossession, or wage garnishment. When does an automatic stay take effect? The automatic stay […]

Will Credit Bureaus Remove Negatives

Credit Report

[display_posts] Will Credit Bureaus Remove Negatives The Purpose of Removing Negatives from Your Credit Report Removing negative information from your credit history is one of the best ways to improve it and increase your credit. Negative information, reflected in your FICO score, includes your past financial mistakes detailed on your credit report. For example, you frequently […]

Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization 3: Resolving Debts

How to Get My Car Back After Repossession When I Can’t Pay Them

[display_posts] “There’s more to resolving business debts than you may think!“ Resolving business debts is the centerpiece of your business’s Chapter 11Plan of Reorganization. The Code identifies your business debts by class. Also, it then specifies the entitlement for each class. This article explains what you need to know about resolving business debts under Chapter […]

Chapter 11 Forms For Small Businesses

Chapter 11 Forms

[display_posts] Chapter 11 Forms for Small Businesses Chapter 11 Forms for Small Businesses are numerous and include schedules, exhibits, and supporting documents. Free Completed Samples and Official Forms We are providing you, free of charge,  with completed samples of each of the required forms and documents. In addition, the second column links to the U.S. […]

Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization – Part 2 Step-By-Step Guide

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[display_posts] Your business creates a new legal entity, a “Debtor-in-Possession (DIP),” the moment it files a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This allows the owner(s) of the business to continue running the business during the bankruptcy proceeding. And it permits access to special loans to meet the liquidity needs of the business. About this methodology […]

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