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Real Estate Yogi was created in 2004 to help all people who are seeking help with important financial issues, particularly those related to borrowing for important purchases or recovering from debt. Due to the increase in requests for more and more debt and credit services, was implemented. All of our web sites have become an experienced conduit for debt and credit services, with upper management that has 25+ years experience in the market place.

It is difficult to find reliable information on the web so we designed our website to educate you before you make a decision. We understand all cases are different and that each person will need a tailored solution based on their specific needs. We believe in finding the right solution for the individual in this way, rather than trying to give you some prepackaged plan that may be right for some but not for everyone. Since we aim to educate, we like to encourage you to shop the completion and compare programs.

How We Can Help

All of our information and consultations are given freely without obligation. You can easily and quickly connect to a real person for a free, no obligation phone consultation. We have relationships with professional consultants, financial experts, and attorneys nationwide. Our technical system connects consumers with experts based on zip code for those cases that require a face to face meeting


We can help consumers even if they are upside down in equity, have really bad credit scores, or don’t qualify for consolidation loans. We can also help consumers who find themselves unable to pay mortgage debts or IRS tax debt.

There are many solutions we can draw from to help based on personal needs. There is never any obligation to buy; our system is designed to educate you before you commit to a solution

We understand that there are other providers out there and aim to earn your trust. Thank you for visiting our website.

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