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Bankruptcy Lawyers – Who to Trust with Your Situation

There are a lot of bankruptcy lawyers, but not all are qualified to bring you the best results. At Credit-Yogi, we can put you in touch with an experienced lawyer certified with the American Bankruptcy Association. Our lawyers will only take your case if they know you qualify, and they know they can help you.

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How a Credit-Yogi Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Help

We’ve been handling bankruptcies since 1995 and have a database of over 200,000 certified attorneys who know how to help people in your situation. Here are just a few things our attorneys can do for you:

  • End the cycle of payday loans for good – clear that debt away
  • Stop foreclosure and repossessions in as little as 24 hours
  • Stop evictions
  • Stop all collection proceedings
  • Reduce or eliminate credit card debt
  • Room to modify your mortgage…And Determine if you were a victim of a predatory home loan and possibly reduce mortgage principle
  • End the financial ruin caused by divorce, medical bills, loss of job or other circumstances
  • Be debt-free in under 4 months (Chapter 7) or reduce debt and have easy payment terms (Chapter 13)

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Why It’s Important to Chose the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is complicated. It’s extremely important that your attorney have a thorough working knowledge of all federal and state bankruptcy laws, and knows how to file your petition correctly. It’s critical that your attorney be completely honest with you about whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy, and if you do, for which chapter. Mistakes waste your time and can be costly.

Credit-Yogi has extremely high standards for bankruptcy attorneys, and will refer you only to attorneys who’s sole focus is bankruptcy law within your locality.

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What to Expect from Your Bankruptcy Attorney

These are the standards for all Credit-Yogi attorneys:

  • Free consultation with no obligation
  • Decline to take your case if they know they cannot help you
  • Be upfront with estimate of cost
  • Treat your case as being unique – no cookie-cutter solutions
  • Clearly inform you of what to expect throughout the process
  • File all petitions properly, in a timely matter
  • Be available to answer your questions

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