Chapter 11 Bankruptcy How-To Guides from A to Z

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is extraordinarily complex, and can easily become overwhelming.

Chapter 11 for your business? This “How-To” guide will help get you through it!

Yes, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is extraordinarily complex, and can easily become overwhelming. That’s why created this “how-to” guide.

Whether you are just beginning to think about filing bankruptcy under Chapter 11 for your business or are already well into the process, this guide can be your most valuable resource.

  • We explain everything you need to know, in plain English, to keep your business in business throughout the bankruptcy proceedings, AND
  • We show you everything you need to do with…
    • clear, step-by-step guidance on how to do it
    • What to consider before making critical choices and decisions
    • Samples of all the legally required forms completed for the included case study
    • Worksheets that will eliminate or significantly reduce your frustration and the complexity crunching the numbers needed to complete the various forms and exhibits required by the Bankruptcy Code
  • We provide insights, tips, and best practices so that your business can not only survive but thrive after going through bankruptcy.
  • PLUS, you will sleep better at night having all this support at your fingertips.

About the sample Chapter 11 forms …

The sample forms included in this guide are the U.S. Courts’ “Official” forms. Please note that the Bankruptcy Code allows the district courts to merge and modify these forms for its convenience as well as to accommodate state and local laws. In the end, the information is mostly the same. However, you should always use the forms your bankruptcy attorney provides to you or those you download from the website for the district court serving your locale.

About the content of this guide …

Please understand that this comprehensive guide provides general information based on the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Chapter 11 (the “Code”) and “best practices.” However, business bankruptcy laws vary in how they are applied from state to state.  In addition, the Code allows the court to take into consideration the specific circumstances of each bankruptcy filer. As a result, the information presented in this guide may not exactly apply to your situation. Note, wherever we use the terms “you” or “your”, we are referring to your business, unless we use the phrase “you, personally.”

For these reasons, only an attorney who knows the circumstances of your specific situation and how federal and state laws apply to your bankruptcy case, is competent to give you legal advice. This guide is not intended and does not provide legal advice. Its purpose is to prepare you for better, more productive discussions with your bankruptcy attorney, help you understand the proceedings for your case, and make your completion of the required legal forms easier and more efficient.

So, let’s get to it!

We have divided a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding into three phases:

The “Pre-Petition” Phase – which is the time-period during which you will prepare to file a Petition for Bankruptcy on behalf of your business.

The “Post-Petition – Plan Development” Phase– which, as its name implies, is focused on reorganizing your business and preparing the filing of the Plan of Reorganization required by the Code.

“Plan Confirmation and Beyond” Phase – which covers the Plan of the Reorganization confirmation process, Bankruptcy Exit, and the Final Decree which closes your case.


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