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Bad Credit Auto Loans

You almost have to own a car in America. Mass transit can be quite inconvenient, and you’ve got to get to work.

Bad Credit Auto Loans: How To Get The Best Financing With A Less Than Perfect Credit Score.

You almost have to own a car in America. Mass transit can be quite inconvenient, and you’ve got to get to work. But if your credit rating is less than perfect, finding auto loans for bad credit applicants is a difficult task. You may be in a position where you cannot get the perfect financing deal, but you definitely need to get the best financing you can possibly get. It’s understandable that accepting anything less could do even more damage to your credit rating. Fortunately, there are ways to properly approach the situation. They require some imagination and persistence, but should be worth it in the long run.

  • The Dealer may not be your best choice
  • How much collateral can you bring to bear
  • Pre Approval of a loan is always to your advantage

The Dealer may not be your best choice

First of all, think carefully about getting financing through the car dealer. Even customers with great credit ratings usually get far from the best financing terms when financing through the dealer. Make your search for auto financing separate from your search for an auto until you decide which direction you want to go in.

Check your credit rating. In general, depending on the current market standards, there is a break point between being considered a prime borrower or a subprime borrower. If your credit score is considered low, you may be wasting your time with the prime loan suppliers. Firms that specialize in subprime lending should be relatively easy to find on line. In fact, auto loans for bad credit are quite commonplace for these providers and you should find them easy to deal with, but always remember to check out their reputation from valid sources. You can find many such reputable sources at Stop Being Denied For Auto Loans

How much collateral can you bring to bear

Try to find as much collateral for the loan as possible. This can be almost anything of real value that can change the specifics of the loan. Your home is certainly a good possibility if you hold equity in the home. This will, of course, place another lien on the home in addition to the mortgage. Trading in your present vehicle will instantly bring at least some value to the loan and act as a good start on a down payment. Having a co-signer can also bring great value to the loan application. It might even be enough by itself to turn your loan into the loan that will work for you.

Try to get the down payment up as high as possible. In addition to your trade in, apply whatever resources you can to maximize your down payment. This will reduce your principal owed and reduce your monthly payments. Don’t be shy to shop around. Many subprime lenders will offer free quotes with just some basic background information provided. You might as well get all the offers that you can and choose the one that best suits you, but be careful how many times you give out your social security number.
Get a Cash Out Consolidation Loan

Pre Approval of a loan is always to your advantage

It is very helpful to have your loan pre approved. This has two great benefits. One is that it gives you a great bargaining position when you go to buy your new car. To the car dealer, this is effectively the same as dealing with a cash customer and opens the door for some real haggling. The other is that it stops you from making an impulse buy that could further damage your budget. You know the maximum amount that your loan is approved for before you begin to negotiate with the dealer, and you know that you cannot exceed that amount. It’s like walking around without a credit card. You can only buy to the limit of what you have in your wallet or purse.

There is one other thing that you might possibly be able to pursue to overcome a bad credit rating. Some subprime lenders are willing to make auto loans for bad credit without even looking at your credit report. Only those with a strong employment history and a significant income would be considered for such a loan. You can find such sources at

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