Does My Business Need to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to File for Chapter 11?

In a word … YES! Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy Attorney Requirements Why do you really WANT a chapter eleven bankruptcy attorney for your business? As the owner or primary owner, you want the best possible outcome for your business from bankruptcy. Getting the results you want … This means you expect all the following results: The … Read more

Chapter 11 Timeline – Subchapter V Printable Timeline

Download your Chapter 11 Timeline – Subchapter V Case Example A printable timeline is a great way to visualize the steps involved in a chapter 11 sub chapter V business bankruptcy case. This is especially helpful for individuals who are entering into the chapter 11 process for the first time. By using a printable chapter … Read more

Downloadable Timeline For Pre-Packaged Small Business Bankruptcy Case

Downloadable Chapter 11 Timeline for a Pre-Packaged, Small Business Case Chapter 11 small business bankruptcy cases can be submitted on a pre-packaged basis. This means the initial bankruptcy petition (filed with the court), is accompanied by the plan of reorganization and enough ballots from creditors accepting the plan. Typically, the reorganization plan will be filed after it has been approved by the board. A few weeks … Read more

Printable Chapter 11 Timeline – Small Business Case

View or Download a Printable Chapter 11 Small Business Case TimeLine This printable Chapter 11 timeline for small businesses is designed to help you visualize the entire process. It will give you a better idea of how long it takes and the costs from your initial bankruptcy filing to closing on your Chapter 11 Timeline … Read more

What Can I Do to Avoid Going Out of Business?

Businesses often turn to bankruptcy protection to avoid going out of business. When a company files under chapter 11 to reorganize, it continues to conduct business. After bankruptcy it emerges on a more viable footing. Chapter 7 requires the company to liquidate assets to pay creditors. Through the bankruptcy process, the business eliminates debt and … Read more

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