10 Best Credit Repair Companies

10 Best Credit Repair Companies

10 Best Credit Repair Companies & Why You Should Care

Credit repair is important. When you want a company to help you with your credit, there are several things you think about. Everything from their history, how much they charge and whether they work directly with customers or not. It’s not always easy to tell what company is good until you know more about them. There are a lot of credit repair companies out there, but only the best are worth your time. Let’s take a look at some of the best we found based on our investigation. The best credit repair companies we have listed here, are not listed in any particular order.

Credit Saint

Credit Saint has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in addition to boasting of consistently positive customer reviews. The company is based in New Jersey and has payment packages that range from $79-119.99. It also offers what is called “first work fees” that range from $99-195.   Credit Saint offers the most aggressive programs in the credit repair industry complete with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you fail to see any improvements in your credit within the first 90 days, they will provide you with a full refund.   This company also offers users a personal advisory team that are dedicated to each individual case; provides customers with online resources; and provides a timeline and reports of progress to allow you to track the work the company has accomplished on your behalf. Your team will also call you on a regular basis with updates.

Lexington Law

If you are discouraged with other companies because you find yourself having to repeat the same conversation to different people, you will be pleased with Lexington Law. You can save a great deal of time that allows you to focus on the little things because you will have your own personal representative who will work with you from start to finish. In most cases, you can arrange to speak with your rep outside your normal business hours—a real advantage if you are afraid of being overheard on your work phone line. Lexington Law doesn’t have the lowest rates (prices start at $90 monthly), and they only have a C rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, the basic plan is typically good enough for most people. However, you can pay for additional support services such as cease and desist letters and personal finance tools, but you can obtain these services other places at no charge. Most customers agree Lexington Law’s staff are knowledgeable and helpful to customers seeking to rebuild their credit.

Sky blue

There are very few companies that will advise you if you aren’t in need of their services. Sky Blue is an exception and offers free consultations without any obligation. They will provide coaching on things you can do to maintain a better credit score. The suggestions they offer are typically well-balanced and customized to your individual needs rather than being generalized like many other companies. The fee for Sky Blue’s services runs approximately $80 monthly, and they start work on your case within 48 hours. They can usually manage a minimum of five disputes within a 35-day cycle.

Credit Repair.com

This company follows the same logic throughout the process of getting you out of credit purgatory. Its process follows three steps: The company’s representatives will review your credit history from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion to locate any inaccurate information or derogatory marks that may possibly be eligible for dispute. The company will send letters challenging any information in your reports that may be disputable. They will follow up to ensure your reports are changed and if necessary, they will repeat the challenge step. CreditRepair.com will relentlessly pursue your case while it works to resolve any erroneous information on your credit report. You can follow the progress of your case from your online account. The cost of credit repair through this company is around $100 a month.

Ovation Credit

Ovation Credit is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating. It uses strategies based on individual needs rather than using a one size fits all strategy. Unlike most other companies in the credit repair industry, Ovation has an option for same-day service instead of needing two or more days to get started on your case. The set-up fee for this company is approximately $89, one of the lowest in the industry, and monthly payments range between $79-109 monthly. The company provides customers access to all disputes on which they are actively working and provides results of those disputes that have been completed. The only downside to this company is their weekend hours are limited to Saturdays from 10-4 and no Sunday hours.

The Credit People

The Credit People is one of the newer entries into the credit repair industry. It is a great option for those who have the desire to try out a service yet hesitate to make a substantial commitment. They offer a seven-day trial for $19, and if you decide you like the plan and would like to commit, The Credit People offers a money-back guarantee that states you should notice some positive changes within 60 days. It is unlikely you will reach your target score during that time, but they believe you will see enough of a difference to want to continue with their program. Another advantage to this company is the pricing structure which includes the option of a $420 flat rate as opposed to a monthly fee. The flat rate gives customers indefinite access to all the services instead of just making payments every month. Those who desire a monthly plan can take this option for $79 a month. The flat rate plan is not available to those who begin with the seven-day trial plan. There are no off-hours services provided, and though the company provides excellent work, it lacks the bells and whistles of other companies such as identity theft protection.

Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair is touted as being the best option for married couples. It vows to work hard to improve your credit history and will turn your case over to a live person once you sign up. You are assigned a personal account manager who will send customized dispute letters to all the major credit bureaus and your creditors. They will also provide updates throughout your case. Another benefit Pyramid offers is an online dashboard that provides resources and shows real-time updates on the progress of your case. There are two plans available: singles and couples. The cost of the plans is $99 and $198 monthly respectively. The couples plan may offer a 50 percent discount for the first month, and both include a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Credit Firm.net

Creditfirm.net is a great option for those who are looking for a less expensive credit repair service. The monthly fee is $49.99 per month and allows a complete review of your credit report by legal experts. Working with this company also provides a defense when it comes to collection agencies. Creditfirm.net has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has a reputation for its speed in reviewing the documents of its clients within a five- day period.

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros provides one on one access to a representative certified in FICO who will work with you to develop a plan of action to repair your low credit score. In addition to the services most other credit repair companies offer, The Credit Pros also offers identify theft restoration and will write letters to your creditors such as cease and desist, goodwill, and debt validation. The company provides clients with a portal on the website where they can access live updates to both your credit report and any changes to your case. The basic package is $19 monthly, with the next levels $69, $119, and $149 monthly.

Pinnacle Credit Management

Pinnacle Credit Management is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, has many high reviews, and uses artificial intelligence to produce faster results. They also work with some of the top private lenders to obtain consolidation loans for their customers. Once you sign up, Pinnacle assigns a credit mentor who will work with you through the process of credit improvement. You will be provided access to a blog and educational videos that will teach you about successfully managing your credit. After a free credit consultation, you can choose between the two available programs: Standard and Fast Track. The Standard program is $99 with an initial fee of $199 while the Fast Track program ranges between $1,500-2,500. While it is expensive, an average of 80 percent of negative items are removed within the first two weeks.

The 10 best credit repair companies are not listed in any particular order

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Mistakes Can Ruin Your Credit Score, Avoid Them.

Our compilation of the 10 best credit repair companies was designed to not only help you find a reputable and effective credit restoration company but we also give you an understanding of the process to help you to protect yourself against less than honest companies.

Mistakes that can ruin your credit score are easy to avoid if you accept the resources. Try our real-time comprehensive evaluation over the phone with a real human being.

No credit repair is 100% guaranteed, but the best credit repair companies in the nation have proven success rates of near 90% or better. You may not be able to completely remove all negative information from your credit report (that’s where less powerful credit repair companies and scam artists come in), however, by following a proven plan of action you will undoubtedly raise your score and put yourself in a position to receive offers for unsecured credit cards, loans, and more.

Why Should You Care About Your Credit Score?

It’s no secret that many of us have bad credit. The percentage of people with bad credit has continually risen, while their average age has continued to decrease. As a result, you may experience difficulty paying bills on time or even avoid borrowing altogether. There are many reasons why your credit score may be low, but it’s not impossible to rebuild a good credit score with some effort and wisdom. If you want to help your credit get back on track and improve your financial situation, then we’ve got some advice for you about how credit repair can do that for you.

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