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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Does My Business Need to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to File for Chapter 11?

Attorney Required to File for Business Bankruptcy

Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy Attorney Requirements

Why do you really WANT a chapter eleven bankruptcy attorney for your business?
Getting the results you want …

As the owner or primary owner, you want the best possible outcome for your business from bankruptcy.

This means you expect all the following results:

  • The court will grant your business immediate relief from the collection attempts of its creditors and collection agencies,
  • the court will discharge (forgive) most, if not all your business’s debt,
  • realistic, affordable, and convenient terms to ease the repayment of those debts which the court cannot discharge,
  • access to credit and financial resources to keep your business going while the bankruptcy case proceeds through the court,
  • the funding needed to exit bankruptcy upon Plan confirmation.
… Requires a “Chapter 11 savvy” skillset!

Getting those results requires ALL the following skills:

  • EXPERTISE in the federal and state bankruptcy laws,
  • ACCESS to the credit market for distressed businesses,
  • EXPERIENCE in applying the federal and state bankruptcy laws and knowing how certain legal “nuances” can advantage your business’s case,
  • FAMILIARITY with the “personality and preferences” of the U.S. District Court in which your business is located,
  • NEGOTIATING SAVVY to use case histories for what similar creditors have accepted as the amount and terms of settlement for those debts not fully discharged by the court.

And if the discussion above has not yet convinced you …

Why your business MUST hire a Chapter Eleven bankruptcy attorney?
The U.S. Courts REQUIRE business entities to be represented by a chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney (as per the Court’s own words quoted below).
The Important Warning from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney
What should I look for in a bankruptcy attorney?

The “right” attorney to manage your business’s bankruptcy case meets each of the following criteria:

  • they have all the skills listed above,
  • are local to the court district in which you will file your case,
  • their fees are reasonable and consistent with the “going rate,”
  • they treat you and your business with respect, and you get a “vibe” that you can quickly develop a comfortable working rapport with them.


How do I find the bankruptcy attorney I am looking for?

Unless you are an attorney, assessing a lawyer’s skills (or the skills of any professional outside your own profession) can be a challenge. However, you can assume that an attorney certified by the American Board of Certifications, has an adequate degree of knowledge and ability handling bankruptcies. Even so, you want to check their Better Business Bureau rating, if any, as well as on-line reviews posted by their clientele. This is not to say you should limit yourself to hiring only a board-certified chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney. But it does mean you need to do a little more homework online, looking at what clients have to say about them.

You can assess the other three criteria – locale, cost, and “vibe” all on your own. All it takes is lots of time and lots of legwork.

Is there an easier way to find the right bankruptcy attorney for my business?

OR you can make it much easier on yourself and connect with us! can help you find the bankruptcy attorney you are looking for!’s database includes more than 260,000 credit, financial, bankruptcy, and legal professionals throughout the country. We can arrange up to four, NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION consultations for personalized discussions about debt management or bankruptcy with independent professionals who specialize in the areas of your concern.

Why not take advantage of all four consultations? You will get answers to your bankruptcy questions; and, in effect, “interview” these attorneys to compare the information, services, and programs they offer as well as their fees. As a referral from, they know you will be talking with up to four firms, and they will compete for your business.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

What if my business cannot afford to hire a bankruptcy attorney?

That is even more reason to let us connect you with up to four bankruptcy attorneys serving your locale. They can let you know which organizations offer financial help for bankruptcies and if your business may be able to qualify for it.

Our service representatives are ready 24/7/365 to schedule your four, no-cost, no-obligation phone consultations. If you prefer, you can also make your request online.

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