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How to Get My Car Back After Repossession When I Can’t Pay Them

It is not always a total loss when your car is repossessed. “According to NerdWallet, it is sometimes possible to reinstate the loan and work out a new payment plan, too.” They went on to further state this is contingent upon paying off all the late payments. This will help you can get your car back after car repossession.

Can I Still Reinstate the Loan After Car Repossession if I Can’t Pay?

If you are unable to buy your car back after repossession, there are two choices open to you.

  • Seek an auto loan modification. This process entails either lowering the interest rate or increasing the length of the loan which will ultimately lower the monthly payments. Depending on your lender, you may choose one or both options. Your circumstances may allow you to simply lower the interest rate rather than extend the term of the loan.This will be in case if you have only a short period of time left to pay
  • The best way to successfully get a loan modification is with the use of a low cost or flat fee attorney. The cost is most likely much lower than than the past due auto loan payments.


With more and more consumers being faced with difficult financial situations, car loan modifications have become increasingly more viable as a means to help keep up with auto payments. Losing your vehicle in repossession hurts not only your credit but has an effect on the lender, also. It is a win win situation for the lender. This is because it provides a workable solution to help you make your loan payments. can provide answers to all your questions. Whether it is about loan modification or solutions that will work for you so you can avoid repossession. Although rare and generally comes with higher interest rates, you may find another lender that is willing to allow you to refinance your existing loan if your current lender doesn’t offer loan modification programs.

  • While not the most exciting solution, you can hire a bankruptcy attorney if there are no other solutions that will work for you. This will provide the immediate relief you seek. You may find your credit score and history does not suffer as much as continually defaulting on auto loan payments .

What is the “Right to Cure the Default”?

The “right to cure” means the lender gives the consumer a grace period during which he can bring the payments current before it goes into repossession. In some states, it is mandatory for the dealer or lender to provide the consumer with written notification when their loan is in default. This notification must also spell out the terms of the right to cure.

Any time you fail to make timely payments on your auto loan in South Carolina, the lender must send the consumer a “Notice of Right to Cure” before they can repossess. This gives the consumer 20 days to bring the account current.

For more information about the laws concerning repossession, visit We have representatives across the country who can provide the information you need for your individual state. Laws vary—some do not offer the Right to Cure. You can also elect to fill out the contact form and speak to a professional about your individual issue.


Free Professional Help Redeeming Your Car After Repossession

Even after your car has been repossessed, you have the right to do something to get it back. However, you can’t do it alone if you don’t have the money to pay the back payments- and sometimes the entire balance still due on the car. For those who have the money to bring the payments current, it’s an easy process, but what about the others? What can they do to get their vehicle returned to them?

Those who lack the funds to pay all the missed payments plus the costs associated with the repossession may need to hire an attorney.The attorney should be knowledgeable enough who can provide solutions that go beyond filing bankruptcy. Some of the possibilities as stated previously include:

There is a good possibility you would pay less in attorney’s fees than you would paying the back payments on the original loan, which would include the repossession fees. In addition, you could possibly save your credit if you take care of the repossession and redemption right away.

You can take advantage of Credit-Yogi’s offer to allow website visitors to speak with bankruptcy attorneys and engage in four free question and answer sessions. Credit-Yogi can put you in touch with lawyers who are knowledgeable. The one who will go over both your rights and the rights of the lenders in detail. There is no need to meet in person; everything will be done over the phone. To get the most out of your telephone conference, prepare questions in advance. It is essential to be sure you answer the phone; you will not call and talk to the attorney. Rather, you will fill out a contact form, and someone will return your call.


Those who have had a repossession may wonder if it’s possible to get their car back if they are not able to bring the payments up to date. While it may be difficult, it is not impossible. Speaking to an attorney will help you develop a good plan that does not include bankruptcy. There are several options: loan modification, changing the terms of the original agreement, and refinancing the loan. Taking advantage of Credit-Yogi’s offer to speak with an attorney and engage in 4 question and answer sessions would be in your best interest.

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